Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wilding and Re-wilding and my spur to creativity--Day 25

I am rereading my own book, A Naturalist's Cabin; Constructing a Dream--this really is a re-wilding, then.  I miss the person I once was, 20+ years ago, and barely know her, now.  So young, so full of energy...

I wonder if she is still here, longing to break the shell of years and life changes--but yes, I know she is, in the recognizing and noticing and delighting in nature close at hand.

Of necessity, I am somewhat less active; my knees object to uneven ground so exploring my 18 acres--which are virtually nothing but hills and bluffs and deep valleys--in such detail is mostly an exercise of memory.  (The book helps!)

In part, this is why we built the shed in the lot we own next door to our house, and why we let nature have her way there...the desire, the need for the wild and a place to nourish and observe it, accessible in all seasons.  And flat enough to walk every inch of it!  Observing the small changes, rejoicing in the magic...
Though right on the edge of town, the shed is nestled in a small wood that joins with a much larger forest. 

This is my view along the path...

The path itself is very nearly overgrown...shady and private-feeling, though in fact it acts as a shortcut between the houses up the hill and the old mom-and-pop grocery on the edge of town.

The shed's lot is growing up into volunteer wilderness, as well...

One of my favorite journal pages, just come across in my files...

Yesterday's super-fast squirrel sketch--Prismacolor colored pencil and wash.  These guys often inspire me to grab my quickest tools and materials.
...and yes, wishing the book were back in's a wonderful reminder of a special time.

**UPDATE, one year later:  The book IS back in print, from Echo Point Books!  Life is good indeed!  Here's the page of my books...


  1. Well, Kate, Amazon says my new copy of my lost book will be in soon. Good to have it, again. In the meantime, I had fun re-reading the Cabin chapter in One Square Mile. I love that owl that was healing in the cage. Those eyes of his!!I am so glad that you have the old cabin, but equally glad you have the shed in your backyard for the times when it isn't a good idea to go to your cabin.

  2. I would love to build a shed like that out on my parents' seven acres. Sometimes you just need to get away from the man-made environment. I know what you mean about wondering who that younger person was, and mourning some losses. Life weathers us.

  3. Oh gosh! You even have a book to go back down memory lane with! Isn't that an amazing and satisfying thing. Kudos to all your many books, Kate!! So glad you have your little cabin in the returning woods. It has to be such a joy to still have a wild place to retreat to. :)

  4. I understand the bittersweet nostalgia of reading old journals, looking at my life now, and being honest about present day limitations, compared to just a couple years ago. I've kept journals since in my teens, though they were not of the artist-type until recently. They are so precious, and are able to remind me of the person I once was; journals are truly priceless in that respect. I appreciate the fact you built that cabin when you were "not young." I am amazed at your vitality, Kate, as you are very active, always looking for more projects, etc. I know you feel the difference between your abilities to be active as you grow "more mature," but you are FAR more active and engaged in life than most other people ... Of ANY age. I so enjoy your posts this past month. And seeing today's post, I'm going to see if I can find it through our local library system, since it is out of print. God bless, Kate. Happy Trails!

  5. I think they're very useful to remind us how very far we've come, too, Debbie. I am sorry I'm not physically able to do some of the things I did, but I'd rather have the life I have now, and the ME I am now.

  6. Just seeing the cover of the book made me nostalgic for my younger self, my dreams and roads not taken. It's better to be like you and be positive about where I am now and be thankful for what I have and what I can do.
    I think I'd enjoy the book. It was a good idea to build the little shed.

  7. Happily, this book has just been republished from Echo Point Books and is available again!


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