Friday, July 29, 2016

Down by the River...happily sketching!

Finally, a cool morning and off to the river for some quality time...I had plenty of time to think and dream and just BE.  This is my small Noodler's Creaper pen with DeAtramentis Fog Grey ink...

Not really wild if you're wearing shoes, but the new rubber sandals allowed me to wade on the gravel and sharp rocks...I call it a compromised win!  I felt like a kid, though...

The light was magical...

Joseph heads off downriver to fish--I actually outlasted him for once.  He walked home, I drove when I was ready...

No idea how this got turned up on end...I like to think a particularly hungry raccoon was looking for shellfish...

Driftwood'll recognizes these last two in my sketch!
Ripples catch my eye...

Green July peace...


  1. A lovely sketch, as always Kate, and the photos look beautiful, as does the location my friend. Peaceful and quiet, just how i like it!

  2. I am back from a trip and catching up with your 31 day inner journeying/rewilding experience. I wonder if you know just how much of an inspiration and how well-loved you are to many of us out here.
    Each summer we drive from PA to CO to spend some time in the mountains and as we drive through MO on I70 I am sketching and wondering "where in this lovely state does Cathy Johnson live?" and "where is that wonderful lake that shows up so often in her drawings?"
    You always give me something to admire and think about. Please do what is needed to take good care of Cathy Johnson and keep her strong and healthy.

  3. Thank you both! Diane, I live near Kansas City, near our western border.

    And yes, I needed the break, though life has definitely swirled on!

  4. This reminds me of one of my favorite places here in Middle TN. The bridge and creek look remarkably similar.


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