Sunday, July 10, 2016

Finding quiet when I can...Day 9

Washing my face with the holy water of dew on clover in the early morning...then nature's own rich, dark mud between my toes...that must be healing. I feel like a child at play in the morning of the world.

This tiny star-shaped flower smiled at me from the dew-covered ground ivy...I'm not sure what it is, other than similar to a buttercup in shape.  I love the little mysteries...

The garden is in and death clearly illustrated in miniature.

A mystery squash, as volunteered this year and I have no idea what it is.  Summer squash, winter?  Is it ready to pick or should I wait...?
They WILL ripen...eventually...

It is still comfortable at this hour--coffee on the back deck, sun on my face and bare legs.  Pepi-cat yawns and stretches nearby and the birds ignore him totally.

Sunlight sparkles on the fountain and catches the lemon-colored leaf boat amongst the bubbles.

The new fountain never fails to offer some small bit of beauty...

Bright sun catches glitter-lights on the old garden sculpture; it is weathered to its current form, grains of silica in squirrel shape.

He's lived in my back garden for 30 years, slowly weathering away...

Looking with the eyes of a child, I see a hudred colors and a myriad shapes...and now feel the need to take my hand microscope to the garden to see this magic that hides in plain sight.

I sit quiet on the deck, bare feet on the earth, whistling the song my big drum taught me (for each drum has its own voice, its own song)--and a chickadee and a titmouse landed nearby to investigate.  Our chickadees are normally quite shy, but the song seemed to intrigue them; they cocked their heads to listen.  I half expected them to answer.

It's not so much "carpe diem" as simply being--this moment, before the day gets busier... 


  1. Your mystery flower looks like a wild strawberry from the leaves behind it. Love the fountain - shallow enough for birds to splash in and drink from. The sound of it would put me to sleep.

  2. I love your little cabin sanctuary! :)


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