Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Sketching with a bent-nib pen...

Writing as much as I have lately, I've discovered rather a lot of draft posts that apparently never got published.  So...a break from rewilding, a post that's been in hiding for quite a while!

As noted in my pen conversion posts sometime past--this is FUN, with a huge range of line widths possible!

Sketching our friends in the Copper Creek Band, with a bit of gray wash added...

Molly Hammer and Joe Cartwright at Chaz on the Plaza...

See all the line widths that are possible with just one pen?

I added a wee bit of color today...this is my new softcover Stillman & Birn Beta sketchbook, LOVE it.

Quick sketches of details...

I've got several Hero and Sailor calligraphy pens, almost like drawing with a brush!


  1. Love the lines, so like a brush, Kate. The lines of Molly's blouse. Mmmmm. And that dark line just sets off (that first sketch) the cap on that guy with the glasses.
    I am studying WHERE you put those emphatic lines-- because I haven't learned it yet. They make a sketch pop.

    1. Sometimes it's unpredictable, Annie, that's part of what I like about them!

  2. love that variety of line! thanks for the scoop!

  3. I'm so bad - instead of Hero & Sailor my eye read Hello Sailor! Well I love the pen . . . and the sketches . . .

  4. You capture people so well with just a few stokes--whether wide or thin. :)


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