Sunday, July 24, 2016


Giving myself some room, taking my time, just being.  Just being.  Just BEING.

A constellation of tiny green stars on the path to the shed got my attention...I've always loved the small things...

...and I remembered to look up, and marvel at the miniature flowers on the climbing vine--I thought it was a variety of vinca, as it has covered the ground nearby with abandon.  Little mysteries!
A patent-leather umbrella hiding under the brushpile...I almost missed it.
Loving the slower pace and closer attention...


  1. Optical illusion or perceptions are so thought provoking - like the tiny stemmed mushroom holding up the weight of its' world.

  2. You are surrounded by so much variety of life. I look out on a sea of green grass and cement and tar. No wonder I take great joy in feeding the critters. I love all your pictures. :)

    1. Thank you Rita...sometimes we really have to look for it, don't we!


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