Sunday, April 12, 2020

Virtual Tours, Virtual Classrooms

Not that we're not all about overwhelmed by now with free this and free that, and a million and one webinars and classes, both free and paid, but perhahps you're in need after a few weeks of some fresh options!  It seems everyone in the world wants to offer what we can, during the Coronavirus shelter-at-home edict.

Tour National Parks:

Live cams of all kinds:  Browse to find what you're most interested in!

And of course the Trout Cam at my beloved Bennett Spring:

Art at home:

15 Broadway plays to watch free:

Virtual field trips:

Virtual Museum Tours:

Virtual drawing classes from famous illustrators: 

JUST IN, several tours of the Missouri Botanical Gardens from this site:

And of course my own free art videos on YouTube:

I was collecting books and manuscripts online too, but seem to have lost them...if you have any favorites to recommend, please do!

Thursday, April 2, 2020

In these pivotal, overwhelming times...

As we all deal with this situation in whatever way we can--and who am I to judge what make you feel better, gives you courage, keeps you sane?--I find I am both heartened by the goodness and generosity and courage of my fellows, and overwhelmed by their offerings.

Not just the kindness of neighbors and friends, the offers of shopping or sharing, but the huge, global outpouring of offerings, opportunities, encouragement, information, classes. Novenas from Abbey of the Arts. A Virtual Retreat from Philip Carr-Gomm. Wisdom from my shamanic friends. Prayers from my Christian friends. Buddhist wisdom. Whimsy.  Music offerings.  Blog posts. Painting and drawing how-tos or sketch-alongs.  Information on home made masks. Gardening advice for those who have never gardened, and those who have. Herbal information. Exercises to stay in shape when the gym is closed.  Posts from doctors, nurses, researchers. Videos. Recipes. Humor, tragedy. The human condition.
So MANY want to do what they can to help. What we can. So many want to make what small contributions they can. I've made videos available to artists, and an eBook for those who want and need to keep a journal of these days--I am, a Pandemic Journal.  I've got half a dozen blog posts in the pipeline here, drafts waiting to be finished, photos found, published...and yet...

Are you feeling overwhelmed?  I am.

Perhaps it's time to step back and focus. Slow down.  Step away from computers and devices.  Pet a cat. Take a dog for a walk. Sew. Chop vegetables. Watch the sun come up again, tomorrow, as it will.  Breathe. Be.


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