Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Well, nuts.

I just discovered I had comment notification on this blog going to my OLD address, which I no longer use!  No wonder I missed so many of your wonderful comments...thank you so much!  I've tweaked the settings again...

Unfortunately I discovered that some of you are still having problems commenting, and THAT I have no idea about, I'm so sorry!  I've always had it set that anyone can comment, even anonymous.

And that said, I've enabled comment moderation, because I've also gotten some spam. :( 

I don't do CAPTCHA letters or other such nonsense, I do NOT want to make it difficult for you to comment (more difficult than it already is?!?), but it may mean comments don't show till I get a chance to check them. 

That's what I do on some of my other blogs, and it works well...just be patient with me, please!


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