Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Original Watercolors on Etsy!

Adirondack Lake, 9" x 12"
One rainy Adirondack day we left our campground at Fish Creek Pond and headed for Fourth Lake--when we saw this view of islands and distant clouds at Lake Durant. Joseph said "Don't you want to stop and paint??"

And yes, I did! Misty, cool, beautiful, and SO stunningly upper New York.

This painting appeared in Watercolor Artist Magazine a few years ago, and now I'm ready to let it out of my sight--it does bring back so many wonderful memories, but I will have the digital version

The painting is 9" x 12"-- I make every effort to match the color and use archival materials! It will come to you securely wrapped and backed, ready to mat and frame. 

Please click here to buy or see more original art.

Fish Creek Pond Afternoon, NY

We camped at Fish Creek Pond in upper New York State with a group of teardrop trailer enthusiasts (Joseph built his own!)--it was a glorious setting,and I was SO glad we had the canoe with us. We paddled out in the middle and floated there peacefully while I painted the distant shoreline...we could hear distant conversations, the slap of the waves against the sides of the canoe, the balsam-scented wind, the cries of gulls, and I could have stayed there till nightfall. I used lake water in my painting; it makes it a real part of the location.

It was a grand, magical time, with wonderful people...

The painting is 5" x 12"--if you're interested, please click HERE.

Roseate Spoonbill, Florida
The Roseate Spoonbill is a fascinating and colorful bird that doesn't get half the press that flamingos do! That's too bad--they're truly beautiful. Mangrove trees and miles of swampland surround their habitat. Lots of crocodiles, too...or is that an alligator?

This painting appeared in Country Living Magazine a few years ago, when I had a regular column for them.  I miss doing those!

SOLD, and thank you!


As you may know, I've been having a few one-woman shows as well as going through a lifetime's worth of work getting ready for them!  Because I believe original art should be affordable, I am offering these unmatted and unframed.  They will go out carefully packed, Priority Mail, and insured if they are over $100.

Do please check back!  I'll be adding more small works, sketches and ACEOs as I continue to simplify my studio space.


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