Sunday, April 12, 2020

Virtual Tours, Virtual Classrooms

Not that we're not all about overwhelmed by now with free this and free that, and a million and one webinars and classes, both free and paid, but perhahps you're in need after a few weeks of some fresh options!  It seems everyone in the world wants to offer what we can, during the Coronavirus shelter-at-home edict.

Tour National Parks:

Live cams of all kinds:  Browse to find what you're most interested in!

And of course the Trout Cam at my beloved Bennett Spring:

Art at home:

15 Broadway plays to watch free:

Virtual field trips:

Virtual Museum Tours:

Virtual drawing classes from famous illustrators: 

JUST IN, several tours of the Missouri Botanical Gardens from this site:

And of course my own free art videos on YouTube:

I was collecting books and manuscripts online too, but seem to have lost them...if you have any favorites to recommend, please do!

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