Monday, July 11, 2016

10 days

Wrung out from the night and day just past...tired, but "a good tired."

We gave Joseph's little handmade teardrop trailer to good friends from Chicago, and spent a few precious hours with them last night and this morning, till mid-afternoon when they had to leave...

Sleep eluded me until after 3am, and intense dreams full of portentous images filled the hours before the dawn...

...and so today's journey--this evening's, really--is simply to breathe and rest, and feel the moving air kiss my skin... wander a bit with my camera and my journal, to see what catches my eye.

And my imagination.

I watch the bright jewels of hummingbirds at the feeders, their iridescent feathers catching the late afternoon sun like burnished bronze.  The female has bright obsidian eyes, seemingly too large for her diminutive size.  She has spider-silk clasped in her tiny feet; it catches the sunlight like Rapunzel's golden hair.

What will she do with these sun-struck filaments?  I imagine her weaving them into a magical lining for her nest, impossibly soft.

I love the varied rocks in my tiny Zen garden...they're a varied community that nonetheless seem to fit together.

Swirls and sinuous lines invite imagination in this huge wooden burl...what do you see there?

The cracked safety glass in my shed's door always makes me think of a mask in a, it reflects the trees behind it.

And here are our young friends and the teardrop, ready to start a new life of adventure and love...a most satisfying chapter in the ongoing story.

Change is a constant...times change, seasons change, and we change with them.  Plans change, and we do our best to go with the flow.  That seems to be the message for today...

Finally, standing alone on the back deck, I muse on the fireflies and snowy tree crickets that seem the very essence of a Midwestern summer night--that at least seems unchanged and unchanging--and I feel at home...


  1. Simply beautiful. I'm glad your tiny trailer found a new family to bless. And you are so right about simply learning to "go with the flow." This is not the same as giving in, or giving up, or cashing it in. Instead, it is sensing a personal need to alter activities, to best live in harmony with what God has brought about in our lives at the moment. We were not created to be going, going, going - scurrying about constantly. Scripture tells us to "Be still, and know that I am God." And how best to do that, than by experiencing nature, capturing His creation in our sketches, or with our camera? We are wise to accept our daily situations with grace, wisdom, and joy .... And it looks to me, you're doing just that. It's not easy -at least not for me sometimes. But it's always the best course. Bravo on your decision to "re-wild" your days ... For seeking to experience the fullness of each day's available blessings. And how blessed we are!

  2. I'm glad the tiny trailer found a new home.
    In the wood burl I saw a character from Dr. Seuss. No clue what its name is, though.
    Rest up. I have nights like that sometimes, too. :)


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