Saturday, July 2, 2016

Life truly IS a journey...first day wanderings.

Sunbeams and woodsmoke...

I have shared bits of this elsewhere, but I believe I'd like to use my blog for a bit more in-depth record, for myself as much as anything...

Yesterday, I began 31 days of mindfulness, paying attention, being there, in nature. Of course I spend much of my time there in any case, but I plan to do so with more awareness, more direct contact. More childlike or primal attention. It may only be 5 minutes a day, some days, but fully, completely THERE--and responsive.  To the moment as much as I can manage.

I will journal about my experience, perhaps sketch, and may share or not, as feels right.  Here in my blog, I'll add bits and pieces, but much will remain private between the pages of my journal.

As I've said elsewhere, I've struggled a bit with focus and feeling rudderless lately, but I do most firmly believe that nature and we are One--we're not sovereign, but an integral part. I have long felt that the Universe is a manifestation of the Creator...everything, not just humans or the Grand Vista, or the things we tend to see as "beautiful," but everything.

I intend to explore that in whatever way presents itself.

Yesterday, Day One, I had intended to go to the river, early...Joseph was off doing Legion duties, and I had the morning to do with as I felt the need. But it was if a voice in my ear said "not intentions, nor plans, but HERE, and NOW..."

I listened.

So here are bits of my first day of mindful inner journeying...a fire on a cool July morning rather than going anwhere to search but right HERE.

The oak green man had resided on my fence for some time...but I only yesterday, this first day, noticed he was anything more than a fallen leaf. 

Oak greenman in my journal...

Little serendipities after the rain...I went to weed the garden and check how it was doing, encouraging and praising as I went along...and what should it do in return but give me a turquoise nugget, just lying on the ground. It's tiny, but it's magic...

The gift of turquoise...I am glad of sharp eyes!

In the afternoon, we took a drive to our old cabin to check on things...I began to fall into old habits of impatience and pressure.  Can we leave now??  Are we ready??   We need to get OUT there, before it rains again!

NOT what was needful, though it was good to see all was well, if rather weedy.  For whatever reason, we didn't stay long...

Safe and sound...

The evening was cool and delightful, and we DID go to the river...Joseph to fish, and me there.  I was entranced by the small stones at my feet, as I so often am...fossils, rocks, pigment stones, hagstones (also called viewing stones or vision stones, sometimes friendship stones--those stones with naturally-occurring holes)...

And of course came home with my pockets full and my field bag heavier than when I started out...

Natural pigments waiting to be used...

Limestone and a horn coral on the left...fossils at center right...

So many tiny lives...millions of years ago, these creatures lived at the bottom of the inland sea.

Corals, brachiopods and more...

I made a small ephemeral cairn or inukshuk to will wash away in the next high water...

And hope that 31 days of re-wilding, exploring my small wilderness, becomes the rest of my life.
Inspired by my friend Diane Perry...we will do this "together," along with my online tribe.


  1. Thanks for taking us along, Kate. A perfect move in the morning to sit beside a blazing fire and "" And then to look deeply into the rest of your day. The sketches and photos make it so vivid foe us to share.

  2. Thank you Annie, it was a very auspicious start.

  3. As I read of your day, I felt a calmness and centered-ness gather around me. Thank you for that.

  4. Thank you for reading, Karen! It's being a wonderful exercise.

  5. Thank you to share these teacher. Love it.:)
    Thann W. (Pat)

  6. Thank you for taking me on your journey. It was calming, beautiful, and a wonderful way to start my day.

  7. Lovely day, lovely receptivity on your part. Yes!

  8. What a wonderful idea! A month of mindfulness should settle into your being. :)

  9. I honor your journey and it reminds me of a need to return to the sacred. I've been feeling that call. You encourage me. I used to do sweat lodges and women's gatherings and walk more gently on the earth. Please continue to share. I'd like to be a part of this tribe!


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