Saturday, July 9, 2016

Day 7 Distractions...and time.

It was a day of business and distraction, culminating in a 3+ hour interview that will be distilled down to 4 minutes.  That is the way of television, of course; I am curious as to what will remain.

At least it assured I would have time to sketch--this from a time-lapse journal page.

So, I was grateful I had taken time in the early morning to wander, and observe, and dream...

Leaves danced and sparkled and shed their droplets with a syncopated patter after an unexpected shower.  Birds crowded the feeders; jays called loudly overhead...

The fence between our backyard smallholding and the shed is almost hidden in burgeoning green.  The rain has provided needed moisture and the green leaves rejoice!

A darkened stem draws spiky lines against the rocks in Hotei's garden...was it sumac, or grape, or...?  I like a good unanswered question or two...

The tin crane sculpture atop the fence is a shadowy presence in all the leaves...I almost forget he's not real.

I love my tiny Zen garden with the dragonfly lantern...perhaps I'll put a candle inside one evening and sit by its flame-light dancing on the rocks.

English ivy climbs the corner of the spreads everywhere, and I let it.  In truth, I can't bear to cut it back!

Fascinating root shapes...last year's corn from my 3 sisters hills still offer their beauty, though no longer anchoring the tall plants in the ground...
Sweet, sweet serendipity...I found the remains of a softball in the woods and loved that it echoed the shape of my round rocks...two years later, it has sprouted a moss garden of its own.

Waiting to become...
My journey unfolds on its own timetable; much more populous than I had envisioned, much busier. much more filled with business.  My husband suggests the Universe tests my resolve, and I believe his take is right--though some things happen because this is when they ARE.  This is when they must be. I can either choose to respond, or hermitize...and so far response has been my most frequent choice.  Jobs, deadlines, requests...the interview...friends...the neighborhood picnic...perhaps next week!

And some things are postponed for reasons I may discern later.  I have saved a nest of dry shavings to make a fire in a more primitive fashion, during this month of re-wilding...and it has rained off and on for a week.

I plan a small installation of black and white stones near the Zen garden...a mandala, a spiral...and again, it is too wet to sit upon the ground.

I trust when the time is right, it will become clear to me.  So much of this journey revolves around trust, and unfolding, and time.

And perhaps that is the lesson.


  1., and unfolding, and time" true. I always adore your sketches, but you are quite the photographer, too. :)

  2. "So much of this journey revolves around trust, and unfolding, and time....And perhaps that IS the lesson."

    I think it might be, Kate.

    Thanks for the thoughts.

  3. Loving these posts, and this one, the surprise of the tennis ball! It lives!

  4. You are so gifted. Thanks for sharing! Your descriptions are "paintings"!


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