Sunday, July 3, 2016

Wandering Between the Rains...Day 2

An unexpected rain storm necessitated a change of plans...which is really what this is all about, come to think of it.  Response, not plans.  And so I took a fresh juicy peach out onto the covered back porch with my coffee, my journal, and a tiny candle and enjoyed just being.

I've always loved fire and been drawn to it...this morning's rain necessitated a much smaller one!  But the scent of woodsmoke speaks to my soul, and so I found a dry twig to be my primal incense...

The hole-stone I found yesterday became a pendant to remind me of serendipity and exploration...

The wet logs, years old, are home to many things including this slug.  He moved amazingly quickly!  I'd almost lost him by the time I found my camera...

Someone's home is spangled with crystals...Grandmother Spider hides inside, wisely keeping dry.

The oldest logs wear striated Elizabethan ruffles...they feel velvety to the touch.

Boris has been doing yeoman service, directing the torrents away from our foundation...he never fails to make me smile as I brush the leaves and cobwebs from his ears. 

I am not sure why a pool in a stone always makes me think of the Eye of God...

The striped hostas make flowers that droop...they're spangled with rain as well.  Between showers I wandered through our urban wilderness to see what I could see.
It's such a pleasure to have small bits of nature nearby.  One of my first natural history books, long out of print, was called The Local Wilderness, and I love finding it still.  In truth, more now than ever.

Trumpetvine flowers remind me of my grandmother's back garden...I used to wear them on my fingers when I was a child.  Quite festive, really...Dragon Fingers!

Bright leaf shines like a beacon against the sodden soil...
It was a most satisfying day, ending with dinner out with my husband, and, right before bed, a downpour that filled rivers and streams and overran low-lying roads.  I'm very glad we got to the cabin yesterday, because when the long muddy drive is soaked it's hard getting back out!

All is well, all is well.


  1. Soulful & serene,love your images & thoughts.❤

  2. I couldn't wait to see your post today - expecting something really nice. You fooled me as it is wonderful! The tiny twig over a candle is a brilliant idea and your words describing the Elizabethan ruffles were a delight. Since you can describe things hinting of a story, it makes my mind wonder and think of possibilities. For this I really thank you since I enjoyed this day of rainfall with you so much. My day was enriched with pictures and words from a true artist.

  3. What a lovely post!!
    Made my morning. :)

  4. Luv that twig over the candle for your small fire. Enjoying these moments so much, Kate.

  5. I love that you called them dragon fingers! My mom called them witchy fingers and I recently taught this to my 5 year old niece. When we first put them on two weeks ago they covered us in bright pollen. A few days ago she pointed them out and we discovered them easier to "wear" (we both have pollen allergies!). She is such an observant child and I love how she looks for all the things I have shown her before. I will have to ask her if she likes witchy or dragon!


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