Friday, May 29, 2009

Miss Rags

"Miss Rags"
9" x 12"
original watercolor pencil on archival paper

Miss Rags is my oldest cat, almost 13 now; I hand raised her from a kitten and she is STILL a spooky little thing! She doesn't like you to reach for her, she'll come to YOU--and then she's just as loving as can be.

I've sketched and painted her often over the years, and this is the latest--I'm teaching a watercolor pencil class online, and I wanted to experiment with loose, washy effects, drips, and spatters--I was very happy with the results.

You can read about the creative process on my LiveJournal blog, if you like--just click on the subject line for this post,
or visit me at !

Most of the paintings offered here are unmatted and unframed, both to save on shipping charges and to allow you to suit your own taste and decor.

Doing so allows me to keep the prices down and puts original art in the hands of more people!


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