Monday, June 1, 2009

Waiting for First Snow--SOLD

"Waiting for First Snow"
9" x 12" image size

original watercolor on archival cold pressed paper
framed and matted

I began this painting as a demo at one of the Art Crawls in Excelsior Springs, Missouri, and continued to develop and refine it later, at home. Everything seemed to fall together, as it sometimes does, and I had it matted and framed.

This will be on my new watercolor CD, since I took demo shots of it...


detail from upper right on the painting above

When I want to make an area lacier and open up some light, as in these distant trees, I use a sharp blade or X-acto knife to scrape back to the white paper. I scraped the trunks and branches into the damp wash--bruising the paper makes darker lines.


This one found a home quickly, THANK YOU!



  1. Thank you, Miss Lin! I really enjoyed doing this one, it's one of my favorite places around here...the same little country road as the other recent painting that sold...

  2. hey nice one...liked d way u sketched d colors of earth and d subtleties of d tress around..:)

  3. Kate, your landscapes are beautiful, especially "Waiting for the First Snow".


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