Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Changes...for the better!

Hi all...

I hope you like all the new changes on this blog...I wanted it cleaner and more open, and finally took time to resize the banner and simplify the sidebar information. I'll keep working on that for a bit till I get it where I want it, but I do hope it makes it easier to see the art and to navigate, as well!

I'd be delighted with your feedback on this, too...


  1. It's a lovely change Cathy - clean, pretty and easy to navigate. Think I must implement some changes as well... And it's a beautiful painting of the cat and the thingamajings...

  2. Thank you Maree! I hope to make it a bit easier still...a friend who works for Google is helping me with all kinds of ideas! She makes it sound so simple...

  3. Yes, this is much easier to read and invites you "in", thanks for the updates and the demo's.


  4. Excellent, I'm glad I took the time to tweak it! Thank you for your feedback, Elizabeth!


I'd love your feedback...please share your thoughts!


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