Friday, May 29, 2009



8" x 9"
mineral-based watercolors on archival paper

I enjoy painting wet-in-wet from time to time, and wanted to explore some of Daniel Smith's mineral-based Primatek paints--especially some of the more colorful ones!

I needed to experiment with these paints for the new North Light book I'm working on, a revision of my 1988 Watercolor Tricks and Techniques,
and I've just discovered you can pre-order the upcoming
Watercolor Tricks & Techniques: 75 New and Classic Painting Secrets
on Amazon! (Click on the link above to take you there, if you'd like to read more.)

This is the proposed cover...I'm pleased with it!

For the cyclamen painting, I obviously wanted to do something other than the earthy browns, blacks, grays and siennas of many of the mineral paints, and was pleasantly surprised by these. This used Rhondonite Genuine, Natural Amazonite, Serpentine Genuine, Sodalite Genuine, and Purpurite Genuine. It was an interesting experiment...


SOLD, and thank you!

Most of the paintings offered here are unmatted and unframed, both to save on shipping charges and to allow you to suit your own taste and decor.

Doing so allows me to keep the prices down and puts original art in the hands of more people!

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