Friday, July 30, 2021

Quick Sketching 1 Adventure starts August 1

Almost time to jump into this adventure--August 1 is our official start date!  Since that's Sunday, we may ease into it, and see how it goes getting everyone and everything up and running.  (It's a LOT more complicated than I'd originally imagined it, ain't that the way things go??  😵)

If you've taken the class before, dig it out of your computer and join us, week by week--no extra charge!  If you want to enroll, it's here: --there IS a charge for the lessons, it's my original self-directed mini-class online.

There's also a Facebook group for enrolled students, so we all have access to the class materials to work's here:  (No charge for our Facebook group or discussions, either...)

 Just a heads up!  There are 3 membership questions that must be answered before you can join the group; thanks!

And see you Sunday!

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