Saturday, July 17, 2021

More Quick Sketch 1 info... one of the people who has signed up for the Quick Sketch 1 adventure alerted me to the fact that a couple of the links aren't working in the first mini-class lesson.  One is my old Amazon store, which I no longer have since Amazon closed all the stores in Missouri, and the other is a friend's blog, which no longer is at that address.

I'm working to find the original documents (which have gone into hiding and probably under the Witness Protection plan!), with the idea in mind of updating, but if I can't find them, that's the deal, sorry!

This is supposed to be fun for me, as well, not frustrating...  😓

And hooray, I DID find them, and edited them, and made new PDFs...will get my webmistress to put them up in the next few days...


  1. Bother!
    The way back machine/archives might be of help but I’d pass off the searching and recovery job to a techie with free time. Some people love that stuff, doubt you do.

    1. No kidding! This is maddening...I've searched my whole computer, the E: drive, My Documents, My Pictures, Wordperfect...


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