Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Ooops. Life has its own agenda...

 Well, sorry all!  That definitely did NOT go as planned.  

August fell apart on me, between a death in the family and all the attendant issues, family visiting, BOTH our cars in the shop for an indeterminate amount of time, having to buy a NEW (for us) car, my own health issues plus the normal stuff of bloodwork and annual physical, finding three close family members are dealing with Covid 19, and not only did I not manage to really delve into my own class as I meant to, to get back on track (though I DID reread and update everything before we started), my beloved raccoon family was poisoned and put right outside my back fence, an issue with updating all the other classes as quickly as possible, and then just "normal" life, and as they say, "it's a sign."  Or a whole encycopedia!  

Not meant to be.  I get it, Universe, no more 2 x 4s needed, please!

So...I AM sorry, but it just didn't work.  I hope you enjoyed your explorations though!

This month is my personal retreat month, and after August I NEED it. 

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  1. Hello Cathy, or Kate as the case may be. I'm sorry to hear about your horrid August, especially having just discovered you and your wonderfully varied, generous and inspiring work. My darling wife bought me your Artist's Sketchbook (saved for the time being till Christmas) and I saw Danny Gregory show one of your nature journal books a while back. I am just now embarking on a new creative journey after a career as a creative director at several ad agencies. I had always loved to draw and create but work and responsibilities prevented me from really diving into the pure pool of expression that I have lately dipped my pale toes in. I read at random another of your blog entries in which you sounded tired, frustrated, in a "dry spell" and really felt for you. But I hope you never lose sight of all that you've given and have yet to give - and how much it means to the creatively malnourished like me. I have been sketching and painting now for about a year just about every day and it feels incredible. I've gotten better (I think) but that matters less than the act of doing and moving brush or pen over the page. Like you, I've always loved nature and felt humbled in the presence of so many marvels. My wife and I now live on Sanibel Island, 2/3 of which is a nature preserve, and it is virtually impossible not to encounter something magical almost 100% of the time. I have done a bit of sketching of the local flora and fauna - and your work has excited me about doing more. Sorry to blab so long but I just wanted to let you know you are an important and valued guide and, well, spirit for lack of a better word for those who need a way finder. Thank you.


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