Thursday, July 17, 2014

Paying Attention

...I know I've talked about mindfulness before, in a number of contexts and in a number of places, but it is an ongoing goal, an ongoing discipline for me.  It covers a lot of ground.

Being grateful for what I have.

Knowing what I need.  Really need.

Taking time for spiritual needs.



Stopping to think before reacting (yes, that one's a hard one for me.)

Remembering to breathe.

Knowing what's important, and taking time for it--love, nature, creativity, reading, sharing, quiet.

Recognizing what my path is, what my work is--and isn't.

Learning to say no--and learning to say YES, to the Universe.

Realizing that just because something is a good idea doesn't mean I need to be the one to implement it.

So yes, I've kept gratitude lists like this one in my journal for many years, off and on.  Some days there are several columns, if I have time!  And interestingly, the more I am grateful for--small things, everyday things, even challenges--the more I find I HAVE to be grateful for.

I bought the Presence key necklace this winter, to remind me...but by the time summer's heat arrived and I couldn't stand anything around my neck, I was more aware.  (I hope!)

If I walk mindfully, I hurt less.  If I pay attention to what's behind my husband's words, we communicate better.  If I am present to my life, really present--not thinking of yesterday, not worrying about tomorrow--I appreciate it more. 

And life is indeed good.


  1. Great sketch and post! We all could do with some slowing down and mindfulness! ♥

  2. Absolutely necessary for me, Minerva!

  3. I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last December (caught very early) having chemo. Interestingly enough instead of being scared, worried and depressed - it's opened up my life. I meditate daily, walk by the ocean, keep a daily gratitude list. I'm now retired, and have more time to spend with family and dear friends, to journal and get into my home studio to work on my mixed media art. Also more time to follow your videos on YouTube and on your Artist's Journal blog. have started doing some ink and watercolour wash pages in my daily journal. Since every minute is now precious, I feel like I have unlimited time - and that's a huge reason for gratitude!

    1. Erin, you have made the very best of the situation...I am so glad for you. Life IS precious, and each moment is very much a reason for gratitude.


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