Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Life's Little Ironies

Isn't it ironic that in search of simplicity--my ongoing Discardia and all--I seem to "need" more books about simplicity?  (Mind you, I have books on the subject I bought in the 1960s...and 70s...and...)

I am terribly tempted by "A Handmade Life: In Search of Simplicity"...and just got Breathing Room recently.  And glad I did.

And absolutely LOVING Andy Couturier's A Different Kind of Luxury:Japanese Lessons in Simple Living and Inner Abundance.

A lifelong interest in Japan, China, and India and other ancient cultures makes that one a natural...combined with the simplicity and creativity of the people in this book, I find myself drawn to ancient craftsmanship all over again.

Making tea on my little pottery majmar from Morocco, cooking in our tagine, binding books, culturing food, growing a garden, printing fabric, hand sewing, making my own art supplies...

And so, I am treating myself to reading breaks daily.  And find myself more and more inspired to get rid of excess Stuff.

Except books...

I am, however, going to be crowded out of house and home, and finding time to read all this is problematical.

Not to mention time to listen to my various meditation CDs...

Ironic.  Yes.


  1. Tee hee! A good problem to have! ;)

  2. Oh Cathy, that is so much my problem too. I LOVE to read about things as well as reading fiction. But I pretty much solved my book problems by using the library for both physical and digital books. I almost never buy a new book unless it is impossible for me to read otherwise, then I either resell it or pass it on. And I sort of piggyback on my daughters' librarys (in other towns) for some of my digital books so I can usually find newly published books without any trouble.
    Also having trouble using your links....

    1. I definitely use the library for most fiction and SOME non-fiction like cooking or nutrition. Art and meditation books I need to hold...sorry about the links! I think I know what the problem is, and I will try to fix them.

    2. YES, I was able to fix the links, Diane...they open properly now. I used to be an Amazon Associate and I linked the way I was used to, but apparently that doesn't work now. Thank you for the heads up.

    3. Yes I agree there are some books you must hold in your hands. I do have a collection of art and published sketchbooks that I love to hold and page through. These are my inspiration, pages to learn from....

  3. Nice artwork! You are amazing. from author of A Different Kind of Luxury.

    1. Andy! Thank you so much! I am so enjoying your book...allowing myself one chapter a day (or less, on the longer ones) so I can fully absorb them. No rush here either...

      And I will be referencing your book again and again, I am quite sure. It struck a chord with me, among all the books I've read on simplicity and deliberate living and mindfulness.

  4. Ah, yes, the only going challenge to swim against the current and simplify. It seems I take one step forward and two back sometimes, but I do think on the whole, I am clearing things out and simplifying bit by bit. Reading your posts does help motivate me over and over. I feel the same way about books... they are like friends, and I tend to keep them, while I cull many other items.

  5. Yes, I know I am, Melissa...despite the recent new books and a couple of CDs.

    Some books are easier to pass along--ones that didn't quite hit me, or referring to activities I no longer have time or abilities for. I have a lot of pottery books, for instance, and whereas I may keep a couple, I don't have a kiln or access to one easily any more. A LOT of natural history books, more than I need, and history books as well. I have a whole box To Go sitting here in my studio.

    I've been passing along a lot of art supplies I don't need, as well...that's always fun! My sketchcrawl group gets a lot, friends do, people with children who deserve good materials, the schools...and even a few things selling on eBay.

    I love my fountain pens, but I am culling them to the ones I really love and use often. Some are just pure pleasure. They stay. Some have a nice point but they're scratchy. Out of here...

    Things that someone else can use and enjoy don't need to be cluttering up my space.


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