Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Life and work and dealing with people....

So not much of a likeness, since Pepi was helping me draw (and like ALL cats, he is such a wondrous help...he jumped on me just as I got to the mouth...)

I was going for the quizzical look I was feeling.  Kind of the "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat the...???" expression was my goal!

And yep, my eyes are red-rimmed from too much computer time and too little sleep.  Last night was a bear.  Maybe 2 hours, and a reasonable amount of pain.  Big fun.

Here's the photo...missed it altogether, but the sketch was fun and calming to do in any case.  Maybe next time I'll take measurements and draw guidelines...NOT.

That quizzical feeling was further reminding me that I need to continue to simplify and breathe...remembering that artists are tender folk.

And that I'm really not cut out to herd cats...


  1. I really love this sketch! It's fun to see more of your work! Even with red rimmed eyes! I do hope you get more time for art & less computer time. It's one of my goals...looks like a future goal right now! ;) ♥

  2. Cute picture of you! You look a lot like I do, only I'm not so cute! I know what you mean about the cats bothering you when you are drawing or painting.

  3. I love the sketch, you are darling!

  4. Sometimes our art brings out what we need to see, don't you think? I think it's a lovely sketch!

    1. Janine, I think that is OFTEN the case! And thank you!


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