Friday, December 12, 2008

"Geranium in Sun"

gouache on toned paper
9" x 8"

The warmth of summer sunshine is particularly welcome as I look outside to chill December overcast! The geranium on my back deck begged to be painted last August as I took my coffee there one morning.

This is artists' gouache (opaque watercolor)
on black archival paper--the bright flower really pops.
(You may click on the image for a larger view, if you wish.)

This painting is offered unmatted and unframed to keep costs down. It will come to you carefully wrapped via Priority Mail, in the US.
Insurance included in the shipping cost


Gift the gift of original art!


  1. Wow, I wouldn't have thought you could get such dense coverage over black, even with gouache

  2. Oh, my! This is gorgeous! As far as styles go, at first glance I wouldn't have pegged it for one of yours- I'm more used to your landscapes and terrific cats. But after a second look I see your wonderful touch. It is so lovely!

  3. Thank you, Leslie! I just paint what affects me at the time. This was SO lovely, with the light behind it, like stained glass...

  4. What a lovely painting. Thanks for sharing it and the warmth of a geranium on this cold bitter day up here in upstate NY.

  5. Thank you! It does warm the soul, doesn't it!

  6. Kate, you have captured the magic of glowing light through backlit leaves and flowers with an opaque medium and on black paper no less. Until now I thought that was only possible with transparent watercolor. Beautifully done.

  7. Thanks, Lisa! I was very happy with how this turned out. The contrast was what caught my eye...


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