Sunday, March 22, 2020

Reviving the Strathmore Class--Free! Lesson Two

Reviving the Strathmore Class--Free! (Lesson 2)

Hi all...years ago (2012! Time flies!), Strathmore Papers asked me if I'd be one of the artists in their series of free workshops, and of course I agreed!  Watercolor Sketching is one of my favorite things.

There's little enough I can do to help those who are housebound, self-isolating, social distancing or quarantined, I think now is a good time to make the class easily available again, so for the next few days I'm going to link to one of the 4 lessons...

So, HERE is Lesson 2--this one's on brush strokes, washes and special effects--enjoy!

The brush you choose makes a big differenc in the effects you get...

(I'm sorry I can't find the original art that I used in the videos, but I'm hoping the ones I find to share here will be inspiration enough to get you started!)

And don't forget, I have a LOT of free how-to videos on my YouTube channel...there will be more available in the coming weeks. 

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