Thursday, October 17, 2019

Observations from Nature--Being There

For some time, I've been writing my Dayspring observations and sharing them daily on Facebook...for five years now.  Joseph and I ring our small gong and then drum together to greet the new day, then I settle in with a cup of hot tea and my journal to see what unfolds.

My beloved husband says those observations too need sharing...and so here is this morning's...

A flock of noisy crows converge on the hill above the Smallwood--are they mobbing their ancient enemy the owl, or merely discussing avian politics?  I wish I could fly to them and ask what's up, the loud caw caw caw CAW goes on and on, for maybe 10 minutes!

And now I find it was not the owl, it was the red-shouldered hawk, who finally has had quite enough of that cacophanous harassment and streaks off screaming invective, escorted by a pair of corvids.  The rest fall silent, mission accomplished--they move on to the next challenge.

Mission accomplished--or is it!?  Now the hawk returns, screaming defiance--once the crows have moved on.


  1. I love your observations in the morning! No crows around my backyard, just house sparrows that are mostly silent, emptying the feeders. My favorite Fall sight, they perch on a dry sunflower stalk and it sways and dances, then another arrives on the same stalk to create more swaying. Thank you for the link to find your blog.

  2. Crows as politicians - perfect!


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