Saturday, June 30, 2018

Thinning the Herd--and selling the new Conklin Omni-Flex Duragraph Fountain Pen!


All right, many of you know I've been simplifying and doing a lot of decluttering, selling, donating, giving away...and I did very well for the first 5-6 months.  Very well!  I'd been able to pass up the more expensive model, talking myself out of a purchase I didn't really "need."

But then Conklin came out with an affordable Omni-flex pen, the holy grail of nibs for many of us...

And I couldn't order it fast enough!

I was already chiding myself as soon as the order was made, of course...but I just HAD to try it out!  And it is a gorgeous pen...

It's that unique nib shape that offers the flex.


I wanted to try it on a variety of papers, to put it through its paces...smooth nib, handsome design, feeds do have to press some to make the flex, as you do with any pen that doesn't have a gold nib, like the vintage ones!

The drawing of the sistrum, an ancient rhythm instrument, is on Arches paper, the others are on smoother paper.

This one is on super-smooth hot press paper--which makes a line go down thicker.  The pen has good line variation, especially when you go slower...(the writing part above was very rapid, not making an attempt to flex)  The second sentence with the nib held upside down.
I tried the pen upside down here, too, for the writing, not for the flex samples.

It is a sturdy pen, fairly large...and I have small, arthritic hands. Uh oh.  A bit heavy for me...

And I kicked myself--I was NOT going to buy anything I didn't actually need.  So before feel too guilty--and before I have second thoughts!--I'm offering it on eBay.  It's a wonderful's your chance to try it out!

Here's the direct link to my auction...good luck!

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