Friday, June 15, 2018

Sketching in Nature is Back!!

I am so delighted that Echo Point Books has brought my Sketching in Nature back into print!  It was originally from the Sierra Club, and I had an absolute ball writing and illustrating it in 1990, working with one of the best editors ever, Jim Cohee (actually, on that book and on Painting in Nature, also in the que to be republished!) 

In 2005, I was asked to speak on sketching in nature to the first International Sierra Club gathering, in San Francisco, an amazing experience.  (It was also the first time Joseph and I were able to take a trip together--or rather meet up in that iconic city--heaven.)

As usual, I walked right into the ocean, clothes and all...PRIMAL!!

Imagine my shock...along with many other authors, photographers, and editors...when Sierra Club suddenly got out of the publishing business!  The book languished, out of print, for some time, and although I had a few author's copies I was able to share with people, it was just gone except for aftermarket sellers.

Now it's out in brand new, crisp, beautiful form, and I'm stunned at what Echo Point was able to do...the cover is different, of course, but the book is intact, just as it was, all 230 pages!

The book covers almost everything, from the very basics of composition, format, and lighting, exploring tools and mediums, to field sketching and a whole chapter in sketching in color, including colored pencil, watercolor pencils, and watercolor, as well as working on toned paper. (Upcoming Painting in Nature has many more mediums included, so watch for it!)

Format and composition...

Choosing a subject and deciding how you'll depict it...

Suggesting form and volume with values...

Using a round brush...

Using a variety of tools, in fact...this is the pencil page, with examples of marks

A variety of color pages...

Loved the color wheel exercise I set for myself...
A whole scene in watercolor, from planning to finish...

Or focusing on a single tree...
A chapter on field sketching is one of my favorites...the how, when, and why of it...

Maine tidewater and bird life...,

Working on toned paper is almost like sculpting!

Learning to observe when field sketching...

Capturing a biosystem...

Observing and sketching birds and other creatures...

And the table of contents....LOTS covered in this dense, heavy book!

Can you tell I'm really excited to have it available again?? Grateful, too.  Sketching in Nature is on Amazon, as well as a number of other sites!

**Amazon link is here, added by request: CLICK


  1. It looks beautiful, Cathy. I still treasure my copy of The Local Wilderness, and bring it out for inspiration when I feel like I am spinning my wheels. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

  2. Wonderful news!!! This is my favorite book on nature sketching. It is so jammed pack with information, it could have been several books. Highly recommend. Can’t wait to pick up a new copy for a friend.

  3. I have the original and am so glad it is back in print. Grab it quick!

  4. I just discovered today that my library has a paper copy of the original Sierra Club publication. I put a hold on it!

  5. I still have my copy and it is an EXCELLENT book! It got me into sketching nature and I've never looked back. So glad others will be able to relish it, too!

  6. Hi, Cathy! I hope you're ok. I'm a fan of you, your work e I love your gratitude lists! For me your drawings are an inspiration! Waiting for more videos with you drawing and painting! I wish all the best for you!


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