Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Stunned at the giveaway response!

I had no idea the response would be so overwhelming--I'm humbled and amazed!

Sooooo...I'll be doing this again in a few weeks, with this or another CD. So do check back and thank you SO much, all who have left comments.

Watch for the winner on Saturday!


  1. I hope I'm leaving my comment in the right place for the CD giveaway. I was first introduced to you through the purchase of your watercolor painting books which I have ejoyed.

  2. Thank you so much Cathy for leaving comments and precious words of encouragement on my recent posts. I appreciate them so much, and they're helping me to relax a little about the situation, and I'm accepting the fact that I'd be jobless for a least a few months anyway for things to work out. I'll look at that positively and take that as a long vacation, and perhaps more time for me to sketch, which is not too bad too ^^

  3. Well you do beautiful work, Alex. Jobless IS scary, but you'll be fine, you've got the drive and the right attitude. I'm holding good thoughts for you, though!


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