Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Chicken of the Woods Fungus" nature study-SOLD

"Chicken of the Woods Fungus"
nature study
watercolor on archival cold-pressed paper
9" x 12"

This autumn fungus appeared at the base of a tree across the creek from my cabin. When the sun struck it, it ws as if a light had been turned on, or a fire kindled! I had to gather my art supplies and go paint it, where it grew. I worked quickly, before the light changed!

Notes of the day make this a true field study.

Every effort is made to capture the color correctly in the scan, but in this case it proved more of a challenge than my scanner is up to. The true color is much more pure yellow and orange against that dark, moist earth...

SOLD to a good home, and thank you!




  2. Thank you, Miss Lin! I wish I'd been able to really capture the contrast and color in my scan, but even tweaked it isn't as striking as the original.

  3. Kate I just love this study! I love finding fungus's in the woods when hiking, sometimes they surprise you with bright colors like this one you did. I never heard of that kind. Is it in your area of the country?
    take care,

  4. Hi Mary, and thank you...this was especially surprising because a finger of sunlight filtered up the wooded creek and struck it--just stunning! Yes, it's in the Midwest, but I believe it grows fairly widely. I'd have to get out my mushroom book!

  5. wow, you really captured the aliveness and the strangeness of nature. I'm amazed that something living could look like that.


  6. Aren't they amazing? Especially with the late afternoon sun striking REALLY caught my eye!


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