Thursday, December 3, 2020

Working on that website...

How odd, when you look at your old website through new eyes.  It came from a time when my freelance work was my ONLY income, and almost everything I did had to be a way to earn my keep.  Some worked reasonably well, some did not and fell by the wayside (I don't make 18th C. style jewelry any more!)

So as the years passed I added more and more--new books, classes, images, blogs, galleries, links...and it became a huge, confusing mess that had very little to do with where I am now--or who I am now.

The new version will be vastly simpler, and a great deal will just go away.  It no longer applies.  I'll maintain the catalog (which will also be simpler since we don't do CDs any more) and the classes, at least the self-directed ones for the present, but the rest will be cleaner, more focused, and a good deal more personal and less business-oriented.  I'm a good deal older now, and I have less energy to waste.

There will be a focus on whimsy, fantasy, spirituality, creativity, nature...and gratitude.

For I am more than grateful I can turn my focus in those directions...

Shedding those old skins takes time and effort...I hope it will be worth it.  I plan to have fun, while I'm at it.


  1. Online purging is a lot of work! Will be wonderful when you get it all done--whew! :)

  2. So glad to see you posting here again. I have several of your books and take a great deal of inspiration from your writing and artwork.

    Best of luck in simplifying your website!

  3. I am excited about your new website! It's good to make changes as our lives grow and take on new dimensions. I have three of your books and love browsing through them for inspiration!

  4. This sounds like thriving, to me :)


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