Saturday, January 16, 2016

Here's another of my recent little videos...I DO have a lot of palettes...


  1. How cool! You are so good at knowing what colors you're using! I'm glad I'm not the only palette junkie! :)

  2. I tend to stick pretty close to the same colors, Marva!

  3. Love your art and your blog. I've got cats too. I was watching some of your you tube stuff. Getting to know your style. Cat in background made me think of a T S Eliot quote "A cat is always on the wrong side of a door" also amusing to me anyway. You had cat hair in your paint which I could see very clearly, you got it out but mine was still there. My cat hair on my screen in exactly the same place. Turns out I've already got one of your books. Love your pocket set


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