Saturday, November 14, 2015

Change is in the air...

It's in the air...sometimes we have to fall back and regroup, for our peace of mind, our sanity, our soul.  Things that sounded wonderful at the time--or WERE--grow like kudzu and choke the life out of us, or out of a project.

Many of you know that I'm in the process of simplifying and refocusing...I have been, in ways, for years.  I wrote a similar blog post in September of last year, on nurturing creativity:

Heading in this direction, I no longer take commissions, I no longer paint miniature portraits, I no longer do in-person workshops.  I don't take freelance work for magazines.  The current book will be my last one for an outside publisher.  I've said yes to things that got out of hand, got horribly complex, or weren't what I'd expected.  That will stop.

Yes, even more than it has.  I want to focus on those things that matter most to me.

For the first time in a rather long time, I'm excited about a new class idea...Meaningful Journaling.  (Meaning-full Journaling?)

It may be quite some time before I have time to CREATE it, classes are complex beasts requiring hours of writing, illustration, video, and organization, so please be patient--but I'm aiming in that direction.

And I can't tell you how pleased I am by your initial response!  I'll keep you updated, and clarify more what it will be about, as time goes by.

What it will not be, is a step-by-step, how-to, demo-and-exercise class; I've done that already, in numerous formats.  It will be in-depth, personal, and a sharing of how journaling has changed my life and continues to do so.  I'll include resources and a bibliography of books that support this process--some art-related, some not.  (But as an artist, and knowing how making images can change us in amazing ways, that will be our focus.)

(And yes, this post has been sitting in my draft folder for 6 months, and the idea's been popping around in my brain for much thing at a time...)


  1. you really are back. i enjoy reading your take on things in general and the video from yesterday was very relaxing and inspiring. thank you for that.

  2. Sounds good - both taking control of your life and the class!

  3. Can't wait to hear more about the "meaningful Journaling" class. Thanks.

  4. Sounds wonderful! The clearing away of the unnecessary that is weighing you down and the birth of a new class. Sounds like a huge positive shift is happening. Kudos!! :)

  5. As usual we seem to be on the same page, and your vision for the class sounds splendid. Thanks for doing what you do, not only do you teach technique but there is so much grace as well.

  6. This sounds lovely. When the class is ripe and ready to pick, I'd love to know about it!

  7. Kate, this is wonderful news and you continue to be a great role model.

  8. I'm so glad to hear you're making room for more of the things that fill you up! I spent the whole day with your book, "Drawing and Painting Animals" and I was finally able to conjure up an ink drawing of my cat, Penny, who passed away in September. Filled my tank right up. Thank you so much for that! Blessings to you and your family. ~Laura

  9. So glad you enjoyed it, and it inspired you to sketch!

  10. Thank you Kate - It is great to get things in perspective and aligned. What an inspiration you are! I really look forward to your 'Meaning-ful Journaling' class. Will it be through you or elsewhere? Take good care! Catrina

    1. It will be through me, Catrina...probably on a blog. I'm tired of fitting into other people's formats and schedules. See you there!

  11. Ive enjoyed your nature focused art of all kinds for years - since you wrote and painted about plants and animals long ago in Country Living Magazine. You and Anne Zwinger were the first naturalists I knew of and changed my life into something meaningful. Just started a new nature journal - maybe #14. A few yrs ago got to spend 4 days at a workshop with Hannah Hinchman at Yellowstone and want to go there again - 76 yr old now driving a '95 Eurovan camper so we make a good pair. Both have to stop & get patched now & then.
    Thanks for enlightening my life and so many others. Rosemary Petersen

  12. Rosemary, how nice of you to write! And how lovely it would be to take that class with Hannah...let me know if you go back!


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