Thursday, January 28, 2010

My new book is out!

It got into the stores, onto Amazon, and into buyers' hands about a month earlier than expected, and the reviews have been really good! 

Above is one of my favorite step-by-step demos from the book, from a visit to  in the Blue Ridge Mountains, back before we were married..  Gorgeous area...we drove through clouds and watched that subtle, beautiful sunset over the mountains...
 You can order from my website and get a signed copy (click on the title of this post, above) and of course Amazon has it as well--click here for details, including the Search Inside option...Watercolor Tricks & Techniques: 75 New and Classic Painting Secrets

(Just remember to hit "surprise me," you can see a lot more of a book that way...)

I did animals and people, too, of course, and also some whimsical pieces like childhood toys and a goofy doll I designed years ago!

There are step-by-steps on both of these, little friend Fiona and my beloved Merlin...

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  1. This is bizarre, I was on someone's facebook to comment about the gorgeous birds they are photographing, and saw your face, liked your look so went on your facebook. And lo and behold you are an author whose watercolor books I also enjoy. Yes, it's you, I checked, I have your book, CREATING NATURE IN WATERCOLORS sitting right here in front of me. The world is truly too small. And you are teriffic!


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