Thursday, September 3, 2009

Autumn ACEOs

Three Autumn ACEOS
2 1/2" x 3 1/2"
watercolor on cold pressed archival paper

Take one or choose them all--they work together as a set, but each one will stand alone, as well. Of course I will be happy to combine shipping if you want the set!

Note: Silhouettes is SOLD...

"The Watcher" peers out from between the grass stems--wary, or simply curious?

"The Watcher"


"Silhouettes" explores the grace and variety of grasses in late fall and winter.

"Silhouettes" (this one SOLD, and thank you!)

"Brother Crow" appears aloof, but come a step closer and he's OFF!

"Brother Crow"

To purchase, click this link.

I've been fascinated by the tiny paintings called ACEOs for several years, and because of their small size and affordability, have been able to own original paintings from several artists whose work I admire a great deal.

ATCs are artist trading cards, and that's how the phenomenon started out--but many people who were not artists wanted to collect these little jewels, too. So ACEOs were born--still the size of a playing card, but "artist cards, editions and originals" to meet this need. Some ACEOs are prints and some are still original, as are these.

People are collecting and displaying these tiny paintings in ingenious ways--framed and grouped together, piled in baskets, in scrapbooks--however they want!

I hope the idea allows you to own an original work of art--get your feet wet...


  1. Interesting colors that you have chosen for these. Must have been feeling inspired by Autumn! Looks great!

  2. Gosh, you just get better and better. I love all of them. Wonderful design and versatility and each has a great unique feel. You always inspire me.

  3. Simple, amazing, easy but yet inspired... So much talent that makes the picture seem effortless!


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